VE Day 75th Anniversary Celebration

On Friday 8th May it will be the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe day, remembering the day the Second World War ended. The bank holiday was moved in line with VE day, although we […]


Times Tables

The ability to understand and recall times table facts is so important for your child’s learning in maths and for their confidence in mental arithmetic. Understanding times tables facts supports learning in other areas of […]


Earth Day – 22nd April 2020

On the 22nd April people across the globe will be celebrating the 50th Earth Day. This year’s theme is climate action. The aim of Earth Day is for everyone to do their bit to protect […]

Bug Hotel

Getting Back to Nature

It is believed that engaging with nature and the environment has strong links with mental and physical well-being. As the weather starts to improve we can utilise this time to learn in the outdoor environment. […]


Get Crafty!

Since the start of lockdown Hobbycraft have created a daily craft session for children. These fun craft ideas will keep your little ones busy during this difficult time. The Kids’ Craft Club takes place every […]


The Story of Easter

Celebrating Easter is a fun time of year for children, especially when making Easter crafts and going on Easter egg hunts. Would you like to spend some time to look at the meaning behind the […]


Naturally curious?

Does your young person enjoy learning about the natural world or do they love to question the things that they observe? The television presenter and naturalist Steve Backshall has created an online wildlife question and […]

Art for Kids Hub

Art for Kids Hub

Are you looking for a creative activity to do with your child? Or would you like your child to improve their pencil control and drawing skills? Then check out the Art for Kids Hub. The […]

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

Experience Shakespeare

The English playwright, poet and actor William Shakespeare is known and studied world wide. During their time in Key Stage 3 and 4 pupils will study at least two plays by Shakespeare. A fantastic way […]


Easter Fun

Easter is such an enjoyable time of the year. Spring is usually in full swing with days getting longer and milder. It is a time of year where we begin to enjoy the outdoors more […]