Lets Go Live Science Daily

Lets Go Live

The BAFTA winning presenter, YouTube filmmaker and BBC presenter Maddie Moate has teamed up with her partner and science journalist Greg Foot to produce daily live science lessons on YouTube every morning at 11am Monday to Friday.

Each week they are tackling a different topic and looking at different aspects of that topic each day in their Let’s Go Live series on YouTube. The daily videos feature lots of fun demonstrations and are engaging for a wide range of ages.

Since the series began on the 23rd March, the duo have so far covered

  • Garden
  • Human body
  • Space
  • Project Earth
  • Mini makers (focussing on craft and play)
  • Oceans (started yesterday 11th May)

You can visit the Let’s Go Live YouTube channel where you can find previous videos and the listings for the upcoming shows here: