Lets Go Live

Lets Go Live Science Daily

The BAFTA winning presenter, YouTube filmmaker and BBC presenter Maddie Moate has teamed up with her partner and science journalist Greg Foot to produce daily live science lessons on YouTube every morning at 11am Monday […]


VE Day 75th Anniversary Celebration

On Friday 8th May it will be the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe day, remembering the day the Second World War ended. The bank holiday was moved in line with VE day, although we […]


Times Tables

The ability to understand and recall times table facts is so important for your child’s learning in maths and for their confidence in mental arithmetic. Understanding times tables facts supports learning in other areas of […]


Earth Day – 22nd April 2020

On the 22nd April people across the globe will be celebrating the 50th Earth Day. This year’s theme is climate action. The aim of Earth Day is for everyone to do their bit to protect […]

Bug Hotel

Getting Back to Nature

It is believed that engaging with nature and the environment has strong links with mental and physical well-being. As the weather starts to improve we can utilise this time to learn in the outdoor environment. […]


Dyson Science and Engineering Challenges

The James Dyson Foundation have a wide range of science and engineering challenges to attempt at home. There are 44 challenges in total, split into 22 science challenges and 22 engineering challenges suitable for children […]


Get Crafty!

Since the start of lockdown Hobbycraft have created a daily craft session for children. These fun craft ideas will keep your little ones busy during this difficult time. The Kids’ Craft Club takes place every […]