Dyson Science and Engineering Challenges

The James Dyson Foundation have a wide range of science and engineering challenges to attempt at home. There are 44 challenges in total, split into 22 science challenges and 22 engineering challenges suitable for children aged seven and up, with adult supervision.

All the challenges can be downloaded in one document so you can choose which challenges to do based on what resources you have available and the suitability based on the age of your children.

Most of the challenges should be possible to do with things you already have lying around the house, so it will be easy to find an interesting challenge to get started on right away.

You can download the challenge cards on the James Dyson Foundation website:


Science Challenges

  1. Changing States
  2. Underwater Volcano
  3. Floating Ping-pong Balls
  4. Balloon Kebabs
  5. Liquid Densities
  6. Expanding Gases
  7. Tornado In A Bottle
  8. Non- Newtonian Fluid
  9. Bright As A New Penny
  10. Lenz’s Law
  11. Inertial Eggs
  12. 100 + 100 = 192?
  13. Measure The Speed Of Light
  14. Weather Balloon
  15. Floating Paper Clip
  16. Fire Extinguisher
  17. Scared Pepper
  18. Dancing Raisins
  19. How To Make A Lava lamp
  20. Ivory Soap
  21. Coloured Carnations
  22. Invisible Ink

Engineering Challenges

  1. Geodesic Domes
  2. Marble Run
  3. Spaghetti Bridges
  4. Strong As A Drinking Straw
  5. Electric Motor
  6. Cotton Reel Tank
  7. Cardboard Boat
  8. Cardboard Chair
  9. Boat Powered By A Chemical Reaction
  10. Cartesian Diver
  11. Balloon Car Race
  12. Design And Build A Helicopter
  13. Water Clock
  14. Metal Etching
  15. Jelly And Oil
  16. Build A Compass
  17. A Tough Nut To Crack
  18. Burning Custard
  19. Homemade Water Bomb
  20. Potato Power
  21. Make A Periscope
  22. Attractive Nails